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Latest News (Rezoning)

Weld County Board of County Commissioners denied approval of the Weld 34, LLC application for a change of zone to Industrial I-2. See the press release and articles in BizWest, the Coloradoan, and the Greeley Tribune.

Letter to Editor in the November 10th Greeley Tribune asks important questions, and another letter in the November 11th Greeley Tribune points out how the proposed rezoning is making a bad decision worse....

Weld County Planning Commission motion to recommend approval of the Weld 34, LLC rezoning applicaton FAILED, and the application goes to the Board of County Commissioners without Planning Commission support.

Johnstown Town Council passes resolution opposing Weld 34, LLC rezoning (Resolution)


Allowed Uses by Right on Land Zoned Industrial (I-2)

The Weld County Code defines "allowed uses by right" on land zoned industrial (I-2) that may be conducted without public input. Some of these "allowed uses by right" are not compatible with surrounding land uses and, therefore, are of substantial concern to CLR-34. These examples include:


Construction materials

Asphalt and concrete batch plants

Outdoor storage piles

These potential uses of the property if it is rezoned industrial (I-2) create significant concerns for nearby landowners:

-- Risk of catastrophic explosion and fire. The proximity of this parcel to residential areas makes the risk of an explosion and fire associated with some transloading operations unacceptable. If a train carrying crude oil to the site derails, for example, thousands of gallons of crude oil may be released and ignite. Most emergency response organizations will not have the available resources, capabilities or trained personnel to safely and effectively extinguish a fire or contain a spill of this magnitude.

-- Noise. Noise from transloading to and from trains and trucks could be a problem. As for the MMM aggregate processing facility, it is critical that residential noise limits be met at the adjoining homeowners' property line.

-- Traffic. If the property is used for transloading, increases in truck traffic on local roads and US34 will cause FURTHER congestion and delays for US34 commuters and pose additional traffic safety hazards.

-- Dust and pollution. Small dust particles that pose important health hazards could be a serious problem if the property is used for a concrete or asphalt batch plant or if it is used for transloading (for some materials, such as frac sand). 

-- Height.  Buildings or facilities built on the property have the potential to disrupt Rise Broadband internet services to nearby residents. 

-- Reductions in nearby residential property values. Visual impacts, dust, noise, odors, and other factors are likely to reduce nearby residential property values substantially.

If the property is used in these ways, protecting adjacent residents will be critical.

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