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Citizens' participation in key decisions about their future is essential, especially when politicians fail to represent them and assurances by big businesses that they will be a good neighbor are empty promises. CLR-34 is one of several citizens groups that have formed in Weld County to fight for a voice in important local decisions that affect them. We all need to work together to make our voices strong.

The Severance Community Rights Network (SCRN) is a grassroots organization dedicated to keeping the town of Severance a place in which citizens choose to live, work, raise families, retire, and in which their children and grandchildren go to school and play.Citizens of Severance, prompted by the proposal for a 555-acre Severance Energy Park and the failure of their town board to consider their opposition, are seeking to change from a statutory to a home rule form of government. SCRN also supports the Colorado Community Rights Amendment to the state constitution, which would put government back in the hands of "the people."

The Colorado Community Rights Network (CCRN) was established in late 2013 to advance local and statewide democracy, and environmental and economic justice and sustainability.  CCRN supports the view that our current legal structure, through state preemption and a variety of privileges given to corporations, has removed from people and communities their ability to protect their fundamental and inalienable rights. CCRN aims to protect communities by assisting them in creating local laws that outline and assert peoples’ rights as that community defines them. 

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