AgPRO Trucking and Commercial Construction Business (USR15-0040)

STATUS: The Planning Department and Planning Commission recommended approval. The Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved the USR noting their pleasure that the applicant and surrounding neighbors collaborated to work out acceptable mitigation measures prior to the BOCC hearing.

AgPRO, under the name W3Legacy, LLC, has applied for a permit to operate a trucking and commercial construction business on property south of WCR56. AgPRO proposes to add a rail spur to bring in flyash and plans to distribute it to local construction sites using semi-trucks and trailers.

The application and associated documents can be found here on the Weld County Planning Department website.


CLR-34 and neighbors met with AgPro and the applicant and were able to agree to a number of mitigation measures. The applicant agreed to 20 MPH speed limit on WCR56 to help control dust generation as well as strategic planting of trees to address the visual impact of the operation.  Additional conditions of approval will be available once the resolution is published by the County.


No further action is necessary at this time.

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