How you can help defeat Ballot Question 1A

Please send a check to the issues committee:

Committee to Save the Weld County Council

3620 10th Street, Suite B132

Greeley, CO 80634

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Save the Weld County Council

Vote NO on Weld County Ballot Question 1A

Weld County Ballot Question 1A asks Weld County citizens whether the Home Rule Charter should be changed to eliminate the Weld County Council.


The Weld County Council was created by Home Rule Charter Founders to be an important link between citizens and government officials. Elimination of the Weld County Council would not be less government, it would be less responsive government.

The Weld County Council has important duties that would revert to the State or the Commissioners if the Council is eliminated, including:

  • --setting salaries for all elected officials
  • --suspending elected officials who are indicted or charged with criminal activities
  • --suspending elected officials who are subject to a valid recall petition
  • --reviewing and resolving possible conflicts of interest of County officers, board members, and employees
  • --filling vacancies on the County Council and Board of County Commissioners
  • --reviewing all aspects of county government and making periodic reports to citizens
  • .

The Weld County Council is not a rubber stamp for the Board of County Commissioners. Its value is apparent when it investigates and responds to citizen complaints about problems such as questionable campaign contributions, money wasted on software, unreasonable travel expenditures, ex parte communication with Xcel energy, and concerns about possible unethical behavior, as it has in the last few years. It appears that the Commissioners want to eliminate the Weld County Council because they are doing their job!

Weld County Council members are elected in a nonpartisan election, but they are unpaid. The Weld County Council is a fiscal bargain!

Now more than ever, we need the Weld County Council!   Vote NO on Weld County Ballot Question 1A!