Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium and RV Storage (USR15-0044)

STATUS: The Weld County BOCC approved the Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium and RV Storage facility on January 13, 2016.

Rainbow Bridge, under the name Sage Brush, LLC, has received approval for assorted uses on a 7-acre site on WCR13 south of the MMM aggregate processing facility. The uses include:

    1. Pet euthanasia, crematorium, and memorial center
    2. Recreational vehicle (RV) storage for 50 vehicles in five pre-engineered metal buildings.  Each building will be 10 units with each unit to be 20' X 50' in size
    3. Two manufactured homes (typically double-wide trailers) for property managers
    4. Three-car garage with an attached storm shelter


The application and other associated documents can be found here on the Weld County Planning Department website.


CLR-34 met with the owners prior to the Planning Commission hearing and discussed concerns relating to odor and safety.  The owners agreed to limit the number of crematorium chambers to minimize the opportunity of odor release.  They also agreed to additional screening to the south of the proposed site.  The applicant also moved the RV storage buildings to minimize their impact on train visibility to traffic approaching the unsignalized train crossing on WCR 13.



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