Lack of Consistency in Applying Criteria


The vagueness in the Comprehensive Plan, and in some cases, the criteria for approval of land use applications, prevents citizens from holding Weld County Commissioners to expectations of consistency in applying the criteria.

For example, Commissioners have stated that a solar array is fundamentally industrial and therefore not compatible with residential neighborhoods. Yet they have also decided that a heavy industrial activity, an aggregate processing plant that will include an asphalt plant, concrete plant, aggregative processing, and rail loop, can be located within a few hundred feet of an established residential development.

Furthermore, during the hearing on a rezoning proposal, also to establish heavy industrial activity within 50 feet of homes, Commissioners Kirkmeyer and Freeman saw no compatibility issue with the principle to protect the health, safety, and welfare of residents. Although this application was denied, it should never even been considered. Proper zoning and planning would have eliminated the possibility.

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