Commissioners Receive Financial Support from Land Use Applicants


Remarkably, Weld County places no constraints on the the sources of funds that Commissioners can rely on for election financing, and conflicts of interest can arise. It also appears that Commissioners have accepted donations for out-of-town conferences for County employees from firms associated with active or prospective land use cases, another apparent conflict of interest.

Public records show that some Commmissioners receive funds from individuals and firms associated with pending or prospective land use cases. Sometimes the conflicts of interest are blatant. For example, Mr. David Hagerman, Vice President of Martin Marietta Materials overseeing the aggregate processing facility application to the County, contributed to the 2012 campaign of Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. Since Mr. Hagerman lives in Arvada, it can be inferred that his contribution must have been intended to cultivate influence with Ms. Kirkmeyer.

The Greeley Tribune recently reported that Martin Marietta Materials and Tetra Tech (and others) provided financial support for an emergency preparedness conference. The conference was held in Breckenridge, but as Commissioner Conway pointed out, it could have been held locally and accomplished its purposes at much less expense.  Listen to Commissioner Conway's comments here and here (note that Windows Player or a comparable app is required to play the comments).

Community members brought this to the attention of the Weld County Council, which oversees the Commissioners, and spurred them to take the first steps to audit the Weld County Board of Commissioners (


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