[10/29/2018] CLR-34 website has been revamped


It was all the back in January of 2015 that our neighborhoods learned the shocking news that an enormous North Carolina company, Martin Marietta Materials, was planning to construct an aggregate distribution and processing facility directly adjacent to several hundred homes at the western edge of Weld County, Colorado. That realization began a long, extended nightmare that none of us wanted. The constant misrepresentations and falsehoods that have been perpetrated by MMM are beyond comprehension… from the assertions that they are “good neighbors” to claims that the emissions levels would be so low that they’d meet California standards (they’ll be far above that) to believing that the governmental processes of Weld County would be fair and protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens…it’s all been a horrible nightmare.

We’ve learned that we can’t trust a thing the company says and that the Weld County Commissioners never had any intention of listening to our concerns or protecting us from this heavy industrial operation in our backyards. But, we’ve also learned that with enough willingness and commitment to stand up to even the largest opponents–a true David vs. Goliath scenario–regular citizens can, and indeed must, protect their own property rights, quality of life, and yes, their own health, safety and welfare. And, our message is beginning to be heard and learned by others, not only in Weld County, but around Colorado and even across the Country.

Whether you arrived at this web page because you’ve been following the case or because Google brought you here as you conduct your own battle against the likes of our “good neighbor”, or another industrial operation that seeks to degrade your situation, you are welcome to explore and even ask questions. We put a ton of information here on our newly revamped website, and there’s more to come. We welcome your participation in our fight, whether financial or informational. And, we’ll return the favor if we can.

Dave Kisker, President
CLR-34 Neighborhoods Assn.