About CLR-34 NA

CLR-34 Neighborhoods Association is a nonprofit volunteer group formed in 2015 to preserve and protect the environment and quality of life at and around US34 and Weld County Road 13 (WCR13) near Loveland, Colorado.

CLR-34 NA provides information and education regarding Land Use activities in the US34/WCR13
area to nearby residents,farmers and businesses, and to the general public.

Specifically, CLR-34 NA aims to:

Educate residents and the public about County and municipalities’ procedures related to Land Use proposals, including Use by Special Review applications, re-zoning, Master Plan development, Comprehensive Plan development, and related activities

Evaluate specific proposals for Land Use changes objectively, with assistance from appropriate experts

Inform local jurisdictions regarding the implications and effects of any proposed land use change

Participate in public meetings in which proposed land use changes are considered for approval

CLR-34 NA a volunteer group, but it retains legal counsel and consultants to assist in understanding key issues. PLEASE support CLR-34 NA with a donation.