Martin Marietta USR

In April of 2015, Martin Marietta Materials (MMM) submitted an application for a Use by Special Review (USR) to operate a massive aggregate distribution center near US34 and WCR13, not far from Loveland, Colorado, on land zoned Agricultural.

MMM application USR15-0027 (4/28/2015)

MMM application addendum USR15-0027 (6/26/2015)

The Weld County Planning Department recommended against approving USR15-0027, as did the Weld County Planning Commission.

Weld County planning department recommendation to deny USR15-0027 (7/21/2015)

CLR-34’s presentation to the Planning Commission

Weld County planning commission minutes USR15-0027 (7/21/2015)

Despite these recommendations for denial and presentations at a 13-hour hearing demonstrating that the proposed aggregate processing facility would not meet the criteria for approval laid out in the Weld County Code, the Weld County Board of County Commissioners approved Martin Marietta Materials’ USR application. The criteria for approval include requirements that the proposed land use be (1) compatible with current uses; (2) compatible with future uses as planned by surrounding communities; and (3) related to agriculture. Furthermore, the applicant must show a diligent effort to preserve PRIME farmland (the site is designated PRIME farmland by the USDA) and must protect the “health, safety, and welfare” of the neighboring residents. The applicant did not present credible evidence showing that these criteria were met.

BOCC approval of USR15-0027 (8/12/2015)

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